What is KAFÉ Loyalty Club?

KAFÉ club is a loyalty reward program similar to other reward schemes, you receive points for each purchase which add up to a free drink or pot.

How does KAFÉ Loyalty Club work?

When you make a purchase through the KAFÉ app, you will earn points. Use these points to get a free cup of coffee, a pot or a snack! The KAFÉ app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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Buy 5 drinks get 1 FREE

Buy 6 pots get 1 FREE

How many drinks do you need to buy to get a free one?

Reach 100 points and claim any cup of hot or cold drink for free.

300 points to earn a free pot.

Or use 100 points from pots to earn a cup of hot or cold drink for free.

Other Benefits of KAFÉ Loyalty Club

If you have the KAFÉ app, you can receive notifications of discounts and special offers. These may include a discount on a pastry or cake, or a buy one get one half price offers.